What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience On Dovetales Radio Show

Speaking in public, or sharing my thoughts with others, has always been a struggle for me. Just thinking about it makes my blood pressure go up. So when Deborah asked me to be a guest on her show, you can imagine how scared I was. But she encouraged me with her emails and telephone calls, assuring me that all would be well, along with providing the information needed way before the scheduled broadcast. Her words, prayers, and confidence in me made it all the more humbling and exciting to be her guest. As the days drew closer to the BIG day, I became calm and confident. (Thank the Lord and Deborah for their support!) I never thought I would get the opportunity to be on the radio, and when the day came for me to share my Dovetale, it felt as if I were talking with a good friend over the phone. We might as well have been sitting in a coffee shop, drinking mocha lattes because that’s how comfortable Deborah made me feel. With that said, I will always look forward to chatting with her—whether through email, over the phone, FaceTime, or on Dovetales.

Jannette Fuller

Writer and Editor

DCL Ministries

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