What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience On Dovetales Radio Show

I felt right at home during my interview with Deborah Lassiter, host of Dovetales. Her overall demeanor was electrifying. She was courteous, professional, and made me feel important. She asked thought-provoking questions and was sensitive to the ministry God chose me to do. Before the interview began, she prepared me and sat my mind at ease. And I absolutely loved how she opens the show with an inspiring excerpt from her book, The Women God Used. On this amazing show, you can express yourself without being interpreted. Deborah listens attentively and highlights what you may say and go a bit deeper in the interview. I am grateful she allowed me to put the Bible on a pedestal.

This is a platform that allows the broken, those who have gone through the fire to share how they became who God created them to be. You’re blessed with the opportunity to expose your ministry on a scale that highlights your gifts, skills, abilities, potential along with the toughest seasons of your life. She centers the interview around her featured guest. In a word, Deborah Lassiter rolls out the Red Carpet and puts you on display. This is a Show that lives out what the love of God is on the earth. She lives out Hebrews 13:16 that says; “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” Dovetale is doing good by sharing this Radio Talk Show to those of us who have a story to tell to a public who otherwise might not have known of our ministry. God, bless you, my Sister, you are a Gem, God’s Precious Treasure.

Vernita “Neat” Simmons

Author/Publishing Consultant & Speaker

DCL Ministries


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  1. Vernita S. says:

    Deborah Lassiter, I am grateful God brought you into my life. you are my sister and a fines example of God’s love in the earth.


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