What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience On Dovetales Christian Radio Show

Deborah is an excellent and  brilliant interviewer that really walks the talk of her faith in God’s guidance. When I asked Deborah, please pass to me the question’s so I can prepare myself to interview in a language that is not my mother tang. She said gently, yet with complete faith, that we should trust that we will be guided to reveal what is the most powerful and supportive knowledge to the listeners through the power of the Holy Spirit. Deborah asks the right question’s, truly listens, and creates a perfect, safe, and authentic environment in order to speak about the most challenging journey’s of one’s life.

Her belief is so powerful, yet she is not trying to sell a romantic idea about trusting God. This is the most powerful thing that I adore about her. She is truthful, honest, full of love and wisdom; motivated by her passion to reveal the shades of faith, and love of God in the most honest way; expressing equally the doubts, the fear, the frustration and the unconditional love and blessings which are the rewards of this path.

Dovetales is a beautiful show that brings the story of those who chose not to give up, no matter what it takes. People who chose not to break even when circumstances were unbearable, but in the pain humbled themselves…asking for help  and wisdom from the energy that creates worlds. A choice to boldly take their life from a storm to safe harbor, with their heart open…more than ever. People willing to share their stories in order to illuminate other people’s lives and inspire them.

Dovetales brings truth on its variety of colors. And, what is more beautiful then the truth?

Thank you.

CEO, Orr Avni

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