Dovetales Interviews Trauma Survivor, Poet, and Author Merci McKinley

Dovetales is back this Sunday, April 8, 2018 with trauma survivor, poet, and best-selling author of The Harvest, Merci McKinley. In this wonderful book, Merci teaches women how to uncover the layers of their pain through scripture and prayer in order to turn their tragedies into triumphs. God is always trying to strengthen our inner-man–NOT our outer-man, because it’s the Holy Spirit that must lead, direct, and govern our choices. Our flesh and selfish desires haven’t any rights and often lead to confusion and pain. I heard someone once say, figure out what you want in life, and then learn how to ask for it. Well, Merci McKinley believes one must be motivated when igniting the internal drive within; seeking to achieve MORE, accomplish MORE while overcoming MORE. Oh yes, The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Matt 9:37). Meaning, the MORE is waiting for you, whenever you desire to possess it. However, it is hard work to not only get to The Promised Land, but to also remain there. So, join us 2:30-3:30 pm eastern time as we unpack the Dovetale of the lovely Merci McKinley.

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A Note From the Author and Poet Merci McKinley

Merci L. McKinley is what many would call a Survivor. Because of her personal experiences as a trauma survivor, Merci’s writing inspires and ignites her readers to live a life of faith, resilience and perseverance in spite of their present circumstances.  Merci is not just an author, but she is an advocate who has a burning passion to transform lives through her books, poetry and inspirational speaking.

Merci earned her presence in the literary world as a contributing author to several anthologies that went on to become best-sellers. She is now an accomplished author who gained her acclaim as a best-selling Indie Author after her first solo endeavor entitled “The Harvest.”  In “The Harvest”, women are taught how to uncover the layers of their pain through scripture and prayer.  They are empowered to turn their tragedies into triumphs.

Merci believes that motivation and knowledge are needed to ignite and maintain the internal drive to achieve more, accomplish goals and overcome adversity.  She has dedicated her life to providing the necessary tools to assist others to weather the storms of life. Merci accredits God’s unconditional love, grace, and mercy for sustaining her through her trials and tribulations. She routinely shares through her transparency of how he has brought her a long way from Domestic Violence, and the trauma she endured while serving in the United States Army.

Merci is the proud owner of the publishing imprint Inspiration 2 Empower Press. She has independently published two youth authors; seven-year old Ah’Myah Monae McKinley’s “You Can Be Anything You Want to Be.” And five-year old Londyn Gamble’s “Be Cool Be You.”  Merci has appeared in the Huffington Post and Courageous Woman Magazine. When she is not writing, Merci lends a voice to social causes for underprivileged youths, the veteran community, and Domestic Violence. She is a humanitarian at heart and loves assisting young adults getting ready to age out of the foster care system, taking care of the homeless, and nurturing the seeds of faith in those without hope.

Enjoy this insightful poem …


Look at yourself in the mirror

With the beauty as God sees you

Look past the hurt, and past the tears

And know that God is seeing you through


Look in the mirror with a love

So fiercely and wonderfully made

Uniquely crafted from the heavenly father above

Be not weary or dismayed


Look in the mirror with faith and conviction

You are not defined by relationships that did not last

Look beyond your ailments, pain, and afflictions

You are worth so much more than your past


Look at yourself with the love as God sees you

With a faith built through prayer

Beyond your fears as God is working anew

Releasing the burdens, you thought you could not bare

–Merci L. McKinley–

DCL Ministries

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