DCL Ministries and Precious Rubies Book Club, The Women God Used

Minister Frances Harrison, thank you so much for inviting me to be a apart of your Precious Rubies book club! Frances, the work you’re doing for the Kingdom of God is astounding. Your Monday evening radio program, under PJC Media, called The Marriage Playbook really shows how marriages need God in the center, and not just temporarily. Your Catering company is simply divine and delicious!Thank you for teaching us all how to persevere despite the boulders, rocks, obstacles, and pain that the adversary throws our way! The Women God Used was a book that humbled me as the Holy Spirit gave me word for word. Truthfully, it’s my editor Jannette Fuller who brought it alive as the Holy Spirit worked through her to reshape and bless this book. Praise God for gems, gifts in the road and the precious stones that have yet to be exposed for His glory!!!

Enjoy The Women God Used. God can use anybody…anybody, but we must submit to His process first. Please enjoy this video about The Women God Used, by clicking here

DCL Ministries


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