Dovetales Interviews Medical Coach and Businesswoman Or Avni

Dovetales just loves spending time with you each Sunday 2:30-3:30 pm eastern time. So, join me this Sunday, January 28, 2018 as I interview businesswoman, performance specialist, medical coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist–the awesome Or Avni! Born in Israel Or experienced her “turning point” while in a car accident, pregnant. Sadly, this resulted in the loss of one of her twin children. Upon discharge she learned her husband, unexpectantly, went into cardiac arrest–resulting in a coma. The roller-coaster rides of life are not as fun as the amusement parks we attend, because so very few of us can withstand the sudden shifts and changes one can experience. But, my guest, Or Avni after much sorrow was convinced that a coma wasn’t the end for her husband so, she entered into a groundbreaking solution leaving the medical world simply amazed. Today, Or takes all she has learned to the business world creating new methods and strategies; methods intended for working all grounds-from crisis management to maximizing profits. So, join me as we learn about this extraordinary woman of God who learned to let go of her own limitations and embraced the One (Jesus) who has turned it all around. Join us…

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My guest: Or Avni


Or Avni was born in sunny Israel. After graduating high-school she served in the IDF for almost 5 years, being the first woman in her position as operational management officer in a battle squadron, earning an award for performance management during the first Gulf War.

Later she acquired education in the field of marketing, advertising and senior financial management from TEL AVIV university.

Or had few leading positions in leading companies which all shared the same turnaround transformations, from loss to profit in short periods of time.

Her positions included:

  • ACE hardware Group

Position: The Head of the Marketing and a board member. Or’s work was acknowledged by Globes business Magazine (2004) for innovative strategic service named: S.O.ACE,

(Sale Emergency Services Support 24/7). Extensive work was done on branding and increasing the company’s worth.


  • New-Pharm Drugstores Ltd (Drugstores chain, specializing in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.)

Position: Marketing VP and a board member. Or doubled the net worth of the company brand in 2.5 years, one of the most celebrated turnaround successes in the Israeli market.

  • In Design (leading home design and styling group in Israel).

Position: Marketing VP and board member. Creating Turnaround for renewed interest and growth of the chain overall and establishing 4 successful design chain stores.

  • Medicom

Position: Business Development and Project Manager. Strategy & Business Development of multi-disciplined PCOS Clinic in Ichilov Hospital.

Her work was characterized by financial growth, improved performance and turning losing business into a profitable one – that’s why she called her own consulting agency “Turnaround”.

In 2013, the Turnaround Consulting Agency was established, aimed for creating turnarounds in companies and individuals alike, leading to excellence and self-fulfillment.

The turning point –

Few years ago, Or had experienced a multi-crisis in her life that changed it forever. The situation was so complex and fragile, she didn’t know what to do or where to start. Her personal life had shattered in one moment. She got to know, firsthand, how fast can you go from bliss to despair – and vice versa.

A car accident led to the loss of one of the twins Or was pregnant with, leading to a long maternity care at the hospital for the sake of keeping the second baby safe and well until the delivery. Being discharged, she learned that her beloved husband got unexpected cardiac arrest in the age of only 38.  Unsuccessful revival efforts led to a coma. The doctors said he had 1 % chance to survive …But the thought of losing her husband and best friend was overwhelming and her refusal to accept the fact that there’s nothing to be done led to creative and groundbreaking solutions, miraculous recovery which left all the medical world amazed. These challenges made her understand that perspective of anything is possible, grit and creativity creates breakthrough solutions beyond imagination.

Her experience taught her that the human spirit is the key to overcome acute situations, we all can find our way through any turmoil: personal, financial or health crisis.

The human spirit can win against all odds and the power of the mind – it became the instrument Or uses with the companies and individuals she consults, programming for success, self-assurance, balance and joy.

She acquired this knowledge while juggling her “day job” as senior executive with learning and practicing to be certified medical coach at night. This fusion became the core of Turnaround Consulting Agency. When best results are achieved by best personal and professional performance.

Or’s Philosophy and turnaround state of mind

The acknowledgment of the power laying within the human spirit overwhelmed Or and she’s been exploring this wondrous world ever since, acquiring diploma of an Authorized medical coach that gave her tools and unique integrative perspective that she implements in her business approach.

The vision of Turnaround International Consulting Agency:

  • Creative renovation for companies
  • Leading companies to create corporate culture aimed for empowerment and based on excellence – bringing managers and employees to self-fulfillment and satisfaction and high productivity.
  • Creating the perfect environment for self-expression is the best way to empower the person and eventually the whole company. Understanding human factor means realizing that every person is unique, acknowledging the qualities of each person on the team is the way to create collaboration and synergy, leading to growth – and that’s the best politics.


In her work at Turnaround Consulting Agency, Or is applying her knowledge both in the personal and the business world, always emphasizing the human factor, aiming to create the best state of the human mind, leading to prosperity both in professional and personal life.

The holistic approach Or takes to business hailed by both companies achieving turnarounds in their activities and by individuals turning their life to a state of bliss and satisfaction. The Turnaround method is intended for working on all grounds – from crisis management and up to maximizing profits.

Current activities and philanthropy

Or Avni is a leading expert of management optimization, leadership, peak performance and personal growth.

Additionally, she created an innovative type of leisure aimed for busy people who want to strive for personal growth. Accelerating for super potential in one week. This leisure style called “inspiration vacation” and it’s designed for inspire people to break the sealing glass of their lives and transform them to the best future ever while discovering new adventures in Europe.

Her philanthropic work includes fundraising and overall support for children in need and poverty and leading a project of a historic and emotional value for her nation.

For the celebrations of 60 years to the establishment of the state of Israel, Or curated (fundraising, sponsorships and leading the marketing efforts) the international project “Violins of Hope” retrieving the valuable instruments from concentration camps, where their owners were killed.

The violins were renewed and presented on a special international concert held by 2 philharmonic orchestras, being played once again after 65 years of silence. This was highly moving and inspiring event, showing once again, that there’s hope even in the darkest of places.

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