DCL Ministries Celebrates Novelist, Author, and Sommeliere Maha Kimberly Akhter on Writer’s Corner (Jan. 2018)

What can I say about this extraordinary woman, Maya Kimberly Akhtar, whom I was introduced to by Bisila Bokoko. All I needed to do was read her work which was a delicious snippet of her thoughts on Plato saying, “Necessity was the mother of Invention.” The words which followed rocked me to my core when Ms. Akhtar responded with,” …he was right. So, what is the mother of “reinvention?” Needless to say, I was pulled into her world as she so delicately unpacked her thoughts on the mother of reinvention while propelling off the heels of Plato. DCL Ministries strives to connect, encourage, build-up, and educate as we spread the love of God to all courageous enough to hear the Gospel and apply it to their lives. However, in a world which is always changing as one discovers the finish-line forever moving, one must also learn that life is not only rooted in learning to change, but in also learning how to let go.

Please allow me to introduce to you a woman DCL Ministries is delighted to feature, on our very own Writer’s Corner, as we kick off January 2018. Maya Kimberly Akhtar is no stranger to change, struggle, or triumph graduating “summa cum laude” from Bryn Mawr College and speaking six languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu. To say the least, she is as impressive on paper as she is in person. So, please join me as we bring a little more joy to your New Year with the lovely, diverse, and soulful Maha Kimberly Akhtar. Enjoy…

I have been blessed in my life to have been given the opportunity to do many different things in many different fields. From rock and roll to food and wine, to journalism and speech writing, flamenco dancing and now writing ….
I have loved everything I have done and am proud of the achievements. But, I have to say that every time I changed professions, careers or jobs, I was scared to death. Like everyone, I don’t love change. Humans as a race love their routine. But whether I was forced into making changes or I made a conscious decision to implement them, I would pray…. and hard…. to God to help me, to guide me and be with me as I faced challenges. That faith served well. It dried my tears, calmed my nerves and soothed anxiety. Here is my story:

Kim career began in the music business in 1985 at Fiction Records, where she was assistant manager for The Cure. She moved into the world of food and wine working for The Zagat Guide before joining CBS News in January 1993, where she worked side by side with Dan Rather as his chief of staff and spokesperson. She was responsible for creating, coordinating and handling Rathers’ external projects: books, speeches, the creation of the Rather Archives at Boston University, the creation of the Dan Rather School of Journalism at Sam Houston State University as well as an annual scholarship. Ms. Akhtar traveled extensively with Rather, including the wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, producing and booking many stories with Rather for the three broadcasts he was involved in: the Evening News, 48 Hours and 60 Minutes. She wrote and collaborated with Rather on all of his public speeches and other writings including his daily radio commentary and collaborated with him on many of his books.

After leaving CBS News, Ms. Akhtar moved to Spain where she embarked on a full-time career as a flamenco dancer, working and touring Europe with the Compania Manuela Carrasco and with Rafael Amargo. Simultaneously, she began writing, for magazines such Departures, where she is still a contributing editor and other Spanish newspapers. Her love of wine led to her qualification as sommeliere at the Escuela Espanola de Cata in Madrid and studies in Beaune, Burgundy, France. Since, she has curated wine lists both for restauranteurs and private collectors in Europe and New York City. Ms. Akhtar has also worked with various public figures in the Middle East, notably Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan for whom she wrote speeches and handled media appearances and public events both in Jordan, the Emirates and the U.S. Ms. Akhtar continues to write speeches for high-profile people in the finance world.

DCL Ministries looks forward to having Maha Kimberly Akhtar on our Christian Radio Show, Dovetales live on Sunday, January 14, 2018 beginning at 2:30 pm eastern time as we go deeper into the the things we all must confront and face while on this road called life. If you think you’ve heard it all here, you’re mistaken, for there is more , much more to this wonderful woman. So, join me and let the healing begin…

To listen in on the show go to http://tobtr.com/10508075

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