DCL Ministries Celebrates Father’s Day!

Many times Father’s get the short end of the stick. I have often pondered why Mother’s Day seems to have more of a frenzy and buzz surrounding it than Father’s Day does. We are often disappointed when father’s don’t take care of their children, but then we downplay and minimize a holiday that is all about celebrating what they have accomplished and how important they are in the family unit.

DCL Ministries is all about celebrating the power of the brotherhood, the power of great dad’s, the love that children receive when their dad takes their hand while guiding and protecting them. If you didn’t know it, dad’s are awesome and if you are hoping and praying to be a father one day…I am praying for your desire to become a reality.

I believe you must be a father in your heart, mind, and soul first, before you produce that precious life who will depend on you for the rest of your life. God loves family and God loves father’s who take their role , just as God does, seriously.

This weekend, let’s celebrate the millions of men who have claimed the role of father and those with the desire to be a father one day. DCL Ministries celebrates you, this weekend and beyond…

DCL Ministries

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