Simple Pleasures…

You might not always have what you want, but what can you rejoice about that you do have. You might not like your job, but at least you have one. You can’t choose your family, but at least you have a family whose getting on your nerves versus having no one to care about your existence at all. You might not be the most popular person on the planet, but if you have one or two dear friends you are really lucky.

Sometimes it’s difficult to count our blessings, but today I am asking for you to at least acknowledge you have just that–blessings. There is so much, on a daily basis, we can capture giving us a reason to smile if only we could slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures that life already is offering us–right now .  Too often we are looking for the next BIG THING to happen and end up missing out on the wonderful gifts and exciting things in our hands.

So,  join me today as we all take a look around and soak up the treats that lay right at our feet and in our path. Perhaps it is time to take hold of the beautiful sunset or sunrise today. Maybe its time to grab up your children and unload a thousand kisses on them. Rather then complaining about your commute simply enjoy it today. I am convinced that it is in the simple things one can find peace and serenity.

Decide to grab hold of life and watch it grab hold of you!


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