All For You…

When it comes down to it, I do it all for you Jesus. Thank you for stirring up the gifts in me and sticking with me when I found myself exhausting everyone and everything else instead. I pray those who are searching, still seeking and looking for the answers and for truth will find themselves colliding with your magnanimous love and comfort. I hope they will be in awe of you just as I am in awe of you. Never leave my side, because apart from you I am truly nothing.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I celebrate you and all that you are doing in my life. I know I want to use my gifts to honor and serve you. I am excited to see what is just around the corner for those who love Him…

Celebrate someone you love today just because you can and just because you believe in them. You never know what your love and encouragement could ignite in one who is in need. Oh yes, learn to go Beyond the Face and see what God has underneath…

Celebrate with me right here

DCL Ministries

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