Happy, Joy…Joy!!!

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited, because Beyond the Face of the Movies is almost here! It is set to release July 7 and know that you can go on Amazon or to any bookstore and preorder this, easy -to-read, fun and feisty book.

It feels so wonderful that God has taken me so far and what a pleasure it is to hold my book in my hands and shout , at the top of my lungs, “I a a survivor!!!” oh yes, I am all smiles today.

I pray, with all my heart, that this book blesses your: mind, spirit, soul, and heart with the joy of the Lord. I pray it gives you strength and encouragement for the road ahead. God has a way of giving everyone gifts in the road so learn to see them and say thank you.

Yes, thank you to the Godhead and for all the love and support from you all!!! God Bless you.

D.C. Lassiter

DCL Ministries

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