Liking Who You Are

There is nothing better than really liking who you are. When you learn to see yourself as God sees you –you will have a pep in your step and a swag to your walk. Having God in my life has made me love and feel  good about  who I am. What a wonderful feeling it is. If you haven’t already today, see yourself as God made you and yes that means flaws and all . Embrace the good and the not so great things about yourself while you offer it up to the Lord.  Ask Him to help you change, to grow, and to love how He made you. Don’t look to be anyone else, stop comparing yourself to others, stop hoping for straight hair if you have curly hair. Stop, Stop, Stop trying to get out of being you. Accept and thank God for making you unique and if you can handle the thought..accept that God made you awesome!

DCL Ministries

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