Beyond The Face Of The Movies: Book Cover Reveal

Do you like movies? Do you love God? Do you have questions as a non-believer about your struggles? Well, this new book, to be released soon, is for you!

“Brainteasers, such as the Rubin Face, are like watching a Hollywood movie they often leave you searching the optical illusion wondering whether you see the young lady or the old woman. Have you ever wondered why after watching a movie you are left with a residue of emotions? Perhaps after the credits have left your screen you’ve experienced a sense of peace, empowerment, fear or maybe a better understanding to a person struggle you’ve been enduring. Many times God challenges us to unpack what’s beyond the face of the movies in hopes of discovering the provision hidden, for us, underneath. By using Hollywood movies and biblical characters this book will connect the dots for its reader so that they are guided through fundamental biblical principles in order to better understand and navigate their own struggles on a daily basis.”

D.C. Lassiter

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