Willy Wonka and God’s Chocolate Factory


Sweets for the Sweet is what, I believe, God says to anyone that will listen! I just love sweets don’t you? I know this sounds bizarre , but I have had dreams about going into a bakery, and as I stand at the threshold wondering whether I should go in or not a lady looks at me , and says the words I long to hear, “Come in, this is all for you!”

I couldn’t believe my ears nor could I believe my eyes because, in the dream, the bakery happened to be stocked with all the cookies, cakes, and chocolates that I personally love to stuff my face with! Please don’t tell anyone, for I must confess a secret to you because, as much as I love looking at those decadent cakes, in those corner shops made with the most delicate hands by the finest pastry chef’s. I must also disclose that it is really the cheap cakes, that I find, at a regular old market prepared with the sweet puffy flowers that makes me googly eyed! Can’t you picture it? Moist vanilla cake smothered with white clouds of thick creamy icing?Tempts my tummy with the taste of nuts and honey, for the vision alone, makes me feel that it is worth every calorie, and every pound that I will see ,later on in the week, as I attempt to slip into the jeans in my closet labeled, “Wear at your own risk!”

I can’t help but laugh because, as accurate as that statement is I find that I seem to never hesitate to carelessly indulge in any sweet despite the possible pounds I could pack on later!Don’t be shy for I know someone out there can relate to me here, but, as I awoke from this dream I thought, “What could this mean?” and why would I have a dream about sweets?

God is so good because, I have discovered when you commit to serving him, when you commit to submitting to his will and letting go of how you want it, and when you want it, and where you want it than God will give you the desires of your heart ,which in my book, is equivalent to the sweet things that one just might find in a bakery shop. God is looking to spoil you, and not just with things you never wanted , but God will spoil you with the things that you’ve always wanted!Jelly donuts? You got it. Raspberry sorbet? Coming right up! When I thought of it this way I got so excited because, with God, if you choose him, expect to get all the good things that you have been dreaming about.  And the lady I told you about in the dream who spoke to me? The woman that had a candy coated nature, doused in sweet mannerisms, with a double scoop of goodness? She reminded me of God, and so it is no doubt, in my mind now, that she would say to me these words with a smile, “Come in, this is all for you!”

On this journey called life I am understanding that the Godhead is not a God of earn and deserve, but rather a God of BELIEVE AND RECEIVE! I think you should give him a try so that you can get your own, golden, Willy Wonka ticket finally inviting you into GOD’S, special orders to go, Chocolate Factory!

DCL Ministries



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