Sunday Devotional With Putting On The New Magazine

On this Sunday I could not help but highlight , and be grateful for the wonderful friends that I have in my life. As a child , for some reason, it was difficult for me to find and keep friends that were not just in my life for a reason or a season, but I was looking for potential lifetime confidantes ;friends that were always for me and I for them.

It is a pleasure to write Sunday devotionals for Cherie Burbach’s online magazine “Putting On The New”  a magazine that allows writers to share their personal walk with the Lord and take friends, bloggers, and readers, like you, on the journey with us. As you thank God this Sunday direct your attention towards those that have been placed in your path as a life line and more specifically a God fearing FRIEND!

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.( John 15:13)

Please read, and enjoy my P.O.T.N. article here…

DCL Ministries

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