Celebrate How Far You Have Come Today Because Things Can Go By In A Blur…

Whether you have  literally survived a tornado or a spiritual one, in your life ,rejoice and be glad that you have made it through the times of struggle and pain! In the society we live in we are trained to just acknowledge that we are over the hurdles of life, but we seldom dwell there taking time to bask in the joy that is in our heart from the victory won. I am glad that I feel victorious, but even more so I am glad that I am victorious…aren’t you?

Friend I don’t know what you have gone through, but you and I are examples, and witnesses to many who see us day in and day out  for it is our very existence which proves that we are over comer’s. As you go through your day today rejoice and be glad for how far you have come because, only you know the road you have traveled. Don’t let the distractions of this world stop you from celebrating your triumphs a long the way because life can go by so quickly and our victories can often resemble shadows or a blur at best if we don’t stop and properly acknowledge them.

For each man knows his own hearts bitterness but no one can share its joy ( Proverbs 14:10)

Help me to celebrate you today…Rock On!!!!!

DCL Ministries

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