DCL Talks About Her New Book Coming Out With Touch Of God Radio

I know as people we are always saying that we want to know the truth, but do we really, even though we say this? We ask questions like ,

“How did I get here?” and when someone comes along to tell us exactly how that happened we often, as people, turn a deaf ear to it while sinking into more despair and depression.

Beyond the Face of the Movies is a book coming out that will help a believer, non-believer, atheist, agnostic or simply one who is curious about how to navigate, emotionally, the struggles and hard times that appear in our lives and threaten to level us to the ground. No matter who you are, and no matter where you come from you , along with everyone else, will have to face a dilemma or a disaster in your life and therefore only you on some level will have to decide, how to deal, and who to turn to.

Do you really want understanding? Do you really want peace and love? Do you really want to know the truth because, if you do, the truth can set you free…

Tune into this wonderful conversation, and let Beyond the Face of the Movies show you how. DCL Ministries is pleased to be invited back on Touch of God Radio with Pastor Marc & Pastor Catrice as we discuss the topic  “Do You Really Want To Know The Truth?”

Listen in right here


DCL Ministries

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