The Perfect Christian Cocktail

With the holidays already upon us ,as we were propelled off of the heels of Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but ponder on what we do, as people, to enhance our holiday cheer at such a festive time of the year? The task of the, well sought after mixologist, and the secret art of creating the perfect drink that undoubtedly, if done well, could set the tone for any upcoming holiday party. The frenzy of it all made me curious as to whether the drinks would be shaken or stirred? straight up, or on the rocks, and would a chaser be needed? so many choices…

As I was indulging in the many options Holy Spirit posed an awesome question to me…

” What might be the Perfect Christian Cocktail?”

Wow, how cool is that? So, I gave it a lot of thought. Hmm well, as a lover of the word ,and a follower of Jesus Christ the bases for the drink would definitely be the Godhead; yes God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.  These three core ingredients must be in any Christian Cocktail for together they have the ability to create three part harmony, and that alone could provide the much needed music for any gathering

Next up, is the much needed flavor for the Perfect Christian Cocktail. In my opinion no drink is tasty without some sort of fruit so, let’s add the fruit of the Spirit for flavor, and to that let’s add a sprinkle of hope,  dash of faith, and a whole lot of love- since that is the greatest out of those three ingredients.

We are almost done so stay with me, since God wants us all to have a great time the Perfect Christian Cocktail not only must taste good , but it also must have a built in defense therefore, the armor of God must be present in the drink so that we have a sound mind during and after the party.

Disclaimer: Side effects of drinking the Perfect Christian Cocktail are as follows:

After drinking the ‘Perfect Christian Cocktail’ you will not be shaken or stirred, but mighty in Jesus Christ. You will not be on the rocks, but have the ability to stand boldly on the bedrock, and strength of the word of God. Digesting the perfect Christian Cocktail, my friend, you will not be jolted, walking funny, disoriented, or sick to the stomach; you will be straight up, and stirred up with the Holy Spirit entering the narrow gate to eternal life.

So in summary, for those of you that are looking to that mixologist to create the perfect holiday drink ,I have one request, please give The Perfect Christian Cocktail a try; you won’t be disappointed.

And for the mixologist out there that is up on his or her game …for the one who seems  so sure that you’re creating the most spectacular drink out there please let me know when, like Jesus, you have the ability to turn water into wine.

Happy Holidays from DCL Ministries

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  1. R.G. says:

    Great analogy! I just loved the allegory, because it ‘s isuch a great play on words concerning a cocktail and the perfect Christian cocktail.
    I really enjoyed your article; it made me smile a lot.


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