Serving Up Soul Food

Have you ever been walking a long , minding your own business, and -BAM!- God lines you up with a divine connection? That is what happened to me one day when I was in line for the ,daily, employee meal. I know that sounds bizarre to encounter God in these types of moments and atmospheres, but I am a true believer in what I like to call , not a coincidence, but a  “God-incidence.”

Let me introduce you to Sean, a person I see most days working, quietly, in the cold food section. Sean , when I have encountered him, is fairly quiet , but such a pleasant personality whenever we have spoken to one another. Suddenly, I hear him singing, and I look over ,and say, ” Sing it brotha!” he laughs, and proceeds to tell me that he loves Otis Redding , Nina Simone, Sam Cooke ,and  all the favorites. I quickly discovered that Sean used to be in a band singing soul music. I instantly became excited because my all time favorite is Otis Redding as I reminisced about what a voice that man had. I almost, as they say, lost my lunch! I couldn’t believe my ears , and was becoming more intrigued as to why he wasn’t still singing? He said it was difficult to earn a living at it, and to find others to collaborate with that were like minded so, he went a different direction;cooking. He than added, with passion, that his real goal for the future was to sing gospel, and lend his gift to the Lord Jesus Christ. I was melting, from sheer joy all over the cold food section, to say the least and compelled to encourage him to keep going. I told him if you put God first He will move every mountain you’ve got- Sean enthusiastically agreed with me saying, Amen!

We laughed, and continued to share our love for the Lord ,and adoration for real soul music. I  then, prayed for him, and told him watch God work in his life in the next 30 days, but choose to seek Him first … Sean said,    “Always.”

So, like I said, you never know what God has for you as you go through your day. I was simply getting my lunch and assumed ,everyday when I passed Sean that he was serving up cold food only to find out that he was, really, serving up soul food!

DCL Ministries-

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