It’s Time to Assemble Yourself with God’s People

I most recently, attended the premiere of The Chosen in Atlanta, GA. Beloved, if you have not heard about this spectacular show let me take a moment to lift my voice in support for this wonderful media ministry. In the past, many of us have seen various biblical portrayals of the life of Christ. And each time we have been blessed. To name a few highlights; Mark Burnett and Roma Downey birthed a 10-part religious series in 2013. We all have a warm feeling in our hearts regarding the 1981 animation called Superbook: Bible Stories of a boy and his toy robot catapulting themselves through time revisiting the early Old Testament events in our biblical history. And, my personal favorite ,as a child, was the 1977 Classic Drama called JESUS of NAZARETH; starring Robert Powell as Jesus. I will always be fond of his ability as an actor to bring Jesus alive in my mind, heart and spirit.

The Chosen drama series based on the life of Jesus Christ, created and directed by Dallas Jenkins; starring Jonathan Roumie as Jesus is the first crowdfunded series breaking records in its global movie release in the theaters. In the past, the portrayels have really provided a beautiful understanding on the divinity of Christ. And, The Chosen , in my opinion, provides a beautiful portrayal of the humanity of Christ as He preached, healed and taught mankind ( then and beyond).

As we enjoy the spiritual meal Dallas Jenkins; his cast and crew provide to us for the next several years let’s remember that if you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus don’t lean on anyone else’s viewpoint , but COME AND SEE for yourself. My friends, in the words of Isaiah,

” But now, this is what the LORD, your Creator says, O Jacob, and He who formed you, I Israel, ” Do not fear, for I have redeemed you I have called you by name; you are Mine” –Isaiah 43:1


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